Tips from Lighthouse Painting: Navigate the Northeast

Like the New England Style?

Here’s some tips on how to navigate your ideal seacoast home…


New England Style Bedrooms

When designing your bedroom think of using more neutral colors, and accenting with blues and reds.  Most shore homes bring use of outside surroundings and encompass them into their décor. Accent the room with pebbles, sand, and shells you find at the beach and put them inside a glass bowl or vase!

If you’re willing to add in wood and wall paneling it will create the perfect New England interior design, which is found in homes along New Hampshire’s Seacoast and the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Along with wood paneling hard wood floors are a huge hit in these style homes, especially using all different styles of wood. Bring in naturally made furniture, and throw pillows to create warmth to create the perfect styled bedroom!

New England Style Dining Room

Family gatherings are a way of life in New England.  It is very common to have families sit down and have dinner with each other every evening.  To intertwine this family feel, create a cozy communal dining style.  Remember different styles and tints of wood are a huge hit! Combine wood furniture, and wood flooring to create the look you want.  Adding in pale shaded curtains create an airy feel, and look stunning when the wind blows through.

To create the perfect New England interior, remember to keep things simple. Have a fresh white backdrop.  A color such as ‘Simply White’ by Benjamin Moore is a great color to add a soft white to your dining room.   With this type of style, you will fit in perfectly with your New England peers. As for plate ware, intertwine your navy and warm blues when it comes to plates and chucky crockery.

Simple, simple, simple.  To create the coastal theme, incorporate neutral shades when it comes to furnishing.  Have some fun with your wooden items in this room! Keep the wood flooring, but don’t be afraid to go for a darker tint of wood in this room. If you can, add in a fireplace! We all know New England has cold winters, and even cold summer nights. Get ready to snuggle up!

Accent with white wooden tables and rugs to create warmth, if you feel that it is missing. To keep the coastal theme intact add decorations of sea glass and wicker baskets on your coffee table.  The living room is to be thought of as an easy and comfortable room, so do just that! Create warmth and comfort, and don’t forget to have heavy throw blankets for those cold winter nights!

New England Style Kitchen

Keep this room playful! Living on the coast is fun and playful so that should translate into your interior.  New England, especially the New England coast is easily one of the best places to live and start a family so make sure you house encompasses all those things you love.

It is important to incorporate your reds and blues in this room! Try a fun sign with a slogan on it for this room! New England style kitchens are full of wooden signs with clever sayings. Have fun with your placemats, napkins, oven gloves and aprons by having seafood and other nautical themed prints!  Keep this room fun and laid-back when it comes to containers, bowls, and glasses. Simplicity is key!

New England Style Outdoor Furniture

Wood, wood, wood!  Having a white washed deck is a staple to the classic New England outdoor space.  If you’re not into have a white deck, try a light stained wooden deck instead! Having white furniture with navy blue cushions on chairs and benches will give you the perfect outdoor style.

Make sure you have decorations that would be found around the coast like shells, pebbles, sea glass, sand dollars, lanterns and drift wood!  Need a lazier spot to enjoy the beautiful weather? Add in a blue and white stripped hammock with blue and white accent pillows.  These blue and white nautical stripes are a signature for New England outdoors and create the perfect space to relax on your summer day.

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