The Best Color Visualizer App

What is a color visualizer?

A color visualizer is online software or an app for mobile devices that allows the user to see how various color selections would look in their home. The software uses a pre-selected image or a custom image from the user to generate the requested color schemes.

How does it work?

The pre-selected images or custom images from the user are loaded into the visualizer. Then, a color scheme or individual colors are selected from within the application. It then can apply the selected color(s) to the ceiling, trim, walls, or other surfaces found in the images. This allows the user to see what any given color scheme would look like in a particular space in the home.

What is the best color visualizer app?

The best color visualizer app is the one that works best for you! Here are a few things to consider when selecting a color visualizer app:

  • Does it have an online version and a mobile app version?
  • Can you upload and/or use your own images?
  • Will it give you specific color names and numbers so you can purchase they correct color from a paint vendor?

Our recommendation includes the following 2 color visualizer applications. Check them out and get your color visualization on!

Benjamin Moore’s Personal Color Viewer

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer

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