Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year: Urbane Bronze

Create Your Sanctuary 

Today’s homes are the backdrop to our lives. They help to remind us that the things we care about the most – the moments with family – have always been right there where we live. With Urbane Bronze, Sherwin Williams has selected a color that helps create a sanctuary for reflection and renewal, giving a sense of grounding and calm to those who enter the home.

Bring Nature Into Your Home

People are interested in connecting with nature and that has shaped our desired living spaces for years. Nature is something we want close to us, even whether we live in an urban or rural environment. Urbane Bronze helps to provide this connection through its natural tones and organic appeal. Whether we use it as an accent wall color or to trim out the windows and doors, this warm color has a natural ability to bring feelings of relaxation and calm.

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