Top Priorities when Planning your Interior Painting Project

Thinking of painting rooms in your home can be exciting!  The idea of sitting in your living room with new colors on your walls, or to update the décor in your master bedroom with a new palette allows for you as a homeowner to improve your home within an affordable budget and minimal disruption.  The Lighthouse Painting team is here to help you with the whole process from start to finish!

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In our experience, the first thing to think of when reviewing your plans for your painting project is to determine which rooms are considered a ‘priority’ for your home.  Rooms in which you spend the most time enjoying your home or that are high traffic/use (such as a kitchen or bathroom) should be considered a higher priority than others such as a laundry room or formal dining room that hosts meals around holidays or special occasions only.

The next thing to think of is your project budget.  During the estimating process, Lighthouse Painting is able to provide a detailed proposal of your project by room and/or surfaces and items to be painted.  This allows for us to work with you to help keep your budget and priorities on track.

Finally, think of your home’s schedule and the needs of those living under its roof.  Look back at the rooms you are thinking to have painted and ask yourself: “Can we go without using this room for a day or two?  And how would we plan around the work?”  Lighthouse Painting can help you with this part of the project as we are willing to work with your calendar and your home’s daily schedule to minimize disruptions while producing quality results for your home’s interior.


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