What do Garage Doors Have to Offer?

Having a fashionable garage door sets the tone of viewing your home. It is the first thing viewers see when looking at a house. In an instant, it sets the tone of a home viewing and is especially important if your garage is facing the street.

Most people look at adding or improving a garage as an expense. However, this is not the case. To have an appealing garage, will double and could even triple the value of your home. It may seem like a large lump sum when making the home improvement but in the long run, it increases the entirety of the home value.

There are many different types of garage doors to accessorize your home with. It is important to find the right one that will tie the entire house together.

Picking the style of your garage door is as important as picking what color, tint, or shade of garage door you want. Your garage door should be eye-catching and accent your home by drawing attention to it without taking away from your home as a whole.

The main styles of residential garage doors are: Cambridge, Eastman Estate, California, North Hatley, Stratton 138, Top Tech, H-Tech, Standard+, Acadia 138, Triforce, Dualforce, and Uniforce. Each door brings a certain style to the home. It is important for your garage door to compliment the style of home you have.

Along with different styles of garage doors, you must decide what type of construction you want. There is a single layer (steel, wood, or fiberglass without insulation), a double layer (adding a layer of polystyrene and a thin black cover), and triple-layer (layer of insulation between two pieces of steel, wood, or fiberglass).

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The most popular material for a garage door is fiberglass. This can be molded to look like wood, is the easiest to maintain, and can be found in almost all designs and colors. If your garage is attached to your house, and your budget allows for it pick a garage door that is insulated against temperature and noise (triple-layer construction). If your garage is not attached to your home, you typically would not need an insulated garage door.

If your home is painted in a lighter color, considered getting a white, or light shaded garage door. It is easy to accent your home and your garage door with darker, complimentary colors, but it is imperative to not make your garage door the focal point of your beautiful home.

A look that is in right now is having a dark wooden garage door look complimented by the dominant blue colored house with white and black accents.

Whatever your style may be, take your garage into consideration when you create your home design plans. Having a more unified look is more appealing and will create additional curb appeal.

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